Issuance of Certificates to Graduates

Issuance of Certificates to Graduates
Types of certificate could be issued by the University

  • Certified academic transcript /attendance
  • Graduation certificate
  • Certificate of enrollment

*If you need other certificates, please contact us in advance.

【How to apply】

Please visit with the following documents when we are open. Depending on the type of certificate you may get the issue on the same day.

<Documents needed>

  • a document for your identification (students identification card, resident's alien registration certificate ,etc.)
  • Payment for 300 yen per certificate
  • Applicants should contact the school first in case that documents required for application by someone else.
  • A letter of proxy written by the applicants.
  • A photocopy of identification of the applicant (passport, resident's alien registration certificate).
  • Identification of the person receiving the certificates on behalf of the applicant ( passport , resident's alien registration certificate in case of foreigners)
  • Please contact us if you can not apply though the above methods.
Contact Us
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  • TEL +81-3-3371-7267
  • E-mail koumu at mark
  • Please convert "at mark" to @ when you send an e-mail to us.