Japanese Language Education Centers

Detailed education that meets a wide array of needs

The Japanese Language Education Center is located in Tokyo and Osaka. Both provide detailed education, meeting the diverse needs of their students and dispatch countries.
The Center also takes great care to provide high quality education by, for example, using its own learning materials.

The Center also supports the academic and everyday lives of students by providing international student dormitories that give students a first taste of life in Japan.
Enrolled international students learn Japanese and core subjects needed to progress to a higher education institution in Japan while adjusting to life in the country.

Notice: COVID-19 measures

The Japanese Education Center restarted classes from June 1st, 2020.
While closely monitoring students’ physical conditions by, for example, checking students’ body temperatures when arriving at school, masks are worn in the school grounds and classes are conducted in ventilated rooms while maintaining social distancing.

To prevent spreading the virus, please only visit the Center when absolutely necessary.
*If possible, please make inquiries by telephone or e-mail.
When visiting the Center, please have your body temperature checked at reception.

  • Tokyo Japanese Language Education Center: TEL: +81-3-3371-7266
  • Osaka Japanese Language Education Center: TEL: +81-6-6774-0033

Greeting of Principal, Japanese Language Education Center



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