The Dormitory of the Tokyo Japanese Language Education Center

●This dormitory is intended for students, who are enrolled in Tokyo Japanese Language Education Center.
●The dormitory of Tokyo Japanese Language Education Center encourages our students to promote cultural exchange and enhance international understanding.


Location 3-22-7 Kita-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
(Approx. 10 min. walk from Okubo Station on the JR Sobu Line)
Structure Reinforced concrete, 5 stories (Within the premises of the Tokyo Japanese Language Education Center)
Rooms 149 single rooms (9 square meters each) (89 for males, 60 for females)
Equipments Study Desk & Chair, Bookshelf, Dresser, Bed, Telephone, AC, Desk Lamp, Refrigerator
Wi-fi in every room
Common facilities Kitchen (for light meals), Shower, Laundry Room,
Student Lounge, Student Hall, Basketball Court
Support for daily life Resident Assistant(RA):Japanese students stay with you and help your life in the dormitory.
Councelor:councelors are available once a week.
(for 2015 academic year)
Entrance Fee 15,000 yen
Monthly Charge 28,000 yen
Wi-fi 2,000 yen/month
Deposit 30,000 yen

Guidelines for Applicants


- International Students studying at the Tokyo Japanese Language Education Center
- Having understanding for international exchanges, ready to cooperate with dorm mates for a better student community life.
- Students must be motivated and enthusiastically engaged in their studies.
How to Apply
- Those who passed the selection (to be a student at the Tokyo Japanese Language Education Center) can apply for our dormitory
*Be sure that we can't guarantee to enter thedormitory due to number of the rooms.