The main features of the Japanese Language Education Center will now be introduced.

Designated school that offers preparatory education courses

The Center’s “Further Education Course” is recognized as a “University Preparatory Course” by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.To advance to a Japanese university or a vocational school, students have to complete 12 years of education, but the educational period may be shorter depending on the country. Students completing the “Further Education Course” may obtain qualifications to enroll in a Japanese university.

Acceptance of a diversity of students

Students from over 30 countries and regions enroll in the Center every year. The Center has accepted many government-sponsored international students and students dispatched by overseas governments and is actively seeking to accept students from countries where they do not use Chinese characters. To promote friendly rivalry between students and understanding of foreign cultures, we are also accepting privately funded international students seeking to advance to a Japanese university or graduate school.

Education for students advancing to university or graduate school

In addition to the “Further Education Course” for advancing to a Japanese university, there is a “Graduate School Preparatory Course” (established in the Tokyo Japanese Language Education Center) aimed specifically at students aiming to go to graduate school. For students advancing to university, classes are grouped according to ability and future academic paths, such as the sciences or humanities, and there is a curriculum in place that caters to tests for studying abroad in Japan. Thus, the Center provides Japanese language and core subject (English, mathematics, science, and general studies, etc.) education that meets students’ needs. For students advancing to graduate school, the Center provides Japanese language education also at the Osaka Japanese Language Education Center with emphasis on academic Japanese accepted in graduate schools, and it gives guidance on the creation and oral presentation of research plans, and on writing essays.

Improved guidance and support systems

A full-time schooling system with small-number classes is provided for both Japanese language and core subjects according to students’ progress. Through the room teacher system, highly-experienced teachers conduct lessons using the Japanese Language Education Center’s own teaching materials and provide detailed exam guidance.
The Center has language labs, PC classrooms, and science room facilities, and the international student dormitories are equipped with shared facilities needed for food, clothing, and shelter, as well as Wi-Fi.