Greeting from Principal,Japanese Language Education Center

To all students hoping to study in Japan (Greeting from the Center Director)

The Japanese Language Education Center took over from its predecessors, the International Alumni Association and the Kansai International Alumni Association, and has now ushered in its 17th year as a branch of the Japan Student Services Organization. Drawing on the long history and traditions of the previously mentioned Associations and combining it with the know-how developed through its achievements as a Japanese language educational institution and preparatory educational institution (an independent administrative institution), the Center has developed a detailed and high-quality educational program. The Center also holds research workshops that provide an opportunity for opinion exchange between higher education institutions such as universities and Japanese language educational institutions, dispatches teaching staff to overseas Japanese language preparatory schools, and provides training with invited foreign Japanese language teachers. Thus, the Center is currently playing a major part in the government’s international student policy.
A high percentage of Center graduates every year go on to enroll in higher education institutions and then after graduating from those institutions, many of them play important roles in Japanese and overseas corporations or in public office. The Center is a full-time schooling system with small-class lessons grouped into students’ future educational paths and abilities. It provides unique education aimed at students wishing to advance to graduate school as well as individual and long-term career guidance. In addition, we believe that interaction with Japanese people in local schools and international exchange groups will help students to master the Japanese language.
In recent years, we have placed great effort in the development of educational materials. We have started marketing, firstly, Japanese language materials as well as educational materials that prepare students for further education interviews and help to strengthen students’ ability to study core subjects such as mathematics and physics. These initiatives help students at the Center as well as international students throughout Japan advance to higher education.