2020 2nd session (Japanese and Japan And The World are in preparation)

Past exam questions

On this occasion, we are pleased to publish the questions used in the 2nd session of EJU administered in the year 2020.
The consent of the owners of the copyrights for these exam questions has been received to proceed with this project.
A collection of questions from other past EJU exams has also been published (including a CD for Listening Comprehension and Listening-Reading Comprehension).

Japanese as a Foreign Language

Japanese as a Foreign Language is in preparation.


  • *The science exam question booklet combines the questions for the three subjects of “Physics,” “Chemistry” and “Biology” in a single booklet.

Japan and the World

Japan and the World is in preparation.


  • *The mathematics exam question book combines the questions for “Course 1” and “Course 2” in a single booklet.

Correct Answers

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