EJU Cautions Regarding the Examination, etc.

1. Confirm that the Name, Date of Birth and Other Data on Your Examination Voucher Are Correct

2. Confirm Your Examination Site

3. What to Bring on the Examination Day

Make sure you bring the following items.


  • *Use of earplugs is not allowed, because such devices can prevent examinees from hearing instructions from proctors and other announcements.
  • *Because room temperatures cannot be adjusted at certain examination sites, wear clothes that can be adapted to temperature changes.

4. Personal Identity Confirmation (Important)

Before entering the examination room, personal identification (residence cards or passports) and examination vouchers will be used to confirm the identity of examinees. Cases when such personal ID is not presented or it otherwise proves impossible to confirm personal identity will be treated as prohibited behavior, and notification of scores will not be made.

5. Examination Time

6. Requests Concerning Infectious Disease

7. Cautions on Examination Day

8. Answering Method

The answering method is mark-sheet. Make sure you use an HB pencil to blacken the number for the answer. You cannot use a ball-point pen or mechanical pencil. Numbers that are blackened too lightly will not be marked.
Examination scores are calculated by totaling the points for all correct answers. No points are subtracted for incorrect answers.

9. Your Name and Examination Registration Number on the Answer Sheet

Your name (in the Roman alphabet) and examination registration number will be pre-printed on your answer sheet that will be provided on the examination day. When you are given the answer sheet, first of all, check that the name and examination registration number on the answer sheet are the same as those on your examination voucher. If the name and examination registration number on the answer sheet are obviously not yours, notify the examination staff immediately.
If you write answers on an answer sheet that is not yours or if you correct the name and examination registration number by yourself without notifying the staff and then write in the answers, your examination will not be scored.

10. Prohibited Behavior

If you behave in the following ways, it will be regarded as prohibited behavior.
Accordingly, you will be ordered by staff members to leave the examination room, and your answers in all of the subjects that you took will
be invalidated.
(Examination fees will not be refunded.)

11. Copyrights of Examination Questions

Examination questions of EJU are confidential information and the copyright of JASSO, and are protected by laws and regulations. You are prohibited from conveying part or all of the examination questions without permission to a third party in any form. This includes disclosure (providing inappropriately obtained examination questions or flash reports on answers), leakage, dictation, transmission, etc. through web site or other means by copying, recording on video tape or audio tape, writing, memorizing (storing), etc. Violation of this rule may result in notification to the police or other legal actions.
Please be aware that you are also prohibited from memorizing and replicating examination questions, as well as watching or divulging such contents. During past examinations, several examinees have been arrested for such violations.

12. About Cheating

Jasso will continue to take strict measures against cheating. In addition, information of malicious cheating may be provided to universities.

13. About Problems and Other Events Which Occur during the Examination

The Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) pledges to do everything in its capacity to ensure that the examination is offered in proper fashion. However, upon occurrence of events during the exam which interfere with your ability to respond or otherwise threaten to impact your scores, please immediately inform a proctor of those circumstances. Our proctors (or other staffers) will confirm the details and deal with the specific situations.
During the Japanese as a Foreign Language test Listening Comprehension and Listening-Reading Comprehension questions, in cases when noises or other occurrences interfere with your ability to adequately hear the audio contents, please raise your hand and immediately inform a staffer of the situation after completion of the Listening Comprehension and Listening-Reading Comprehension audio.
If not satisfied with the actions taken by our staffers at such times, you may directly appeal to the supervisors at each examination site. Please note, however, that the final judgments on such matters will be made by JASSO.
Likewise, please be aware that issuing requests after completion of the examination may prevent you from retaking the tests or benefiting from other relief measures.