EJU Cautions Regarding the Examination, etc.

  • Japanese version only.

1. Things to Bring on the Examination Day

2. Points to Note about Entering the Examination Room

3. Points to Note about the Examination Room

4. Answering Method

The answering method is mark-sheet. Make sure you use an HB pencil to blacken the number for the answer. You cannot use a ball-point pen or pen. Numbers that are blackened too lightly will not be marked.
Examination scores are calculated by totaling the points for all correct answers. No points are subtracted for incorrect answers.

5. Prohibited Behavior

If you behave in the following ways, it will be regarded as prohibited behavior. Accordingly, you will be ordered by the examination staff to leave the examination room, and your answers in all of the subjects that you took will be invalidated. (Examination fee shall not be refunded.)

6. Your Name and Examination Registration Number on the Answer Sheet

Your name (in the Roman alphabet) and examination registration number will be pre-printed on your answer sheet that will be provided on the examination day. When you are given the answer sheet, first of all, check that the name and examination registration number on the answer sheet are the same as those on your examination voucher.
If the name and examination registration number on the answer sheet are obviously not yours, notify the examination staff immediately.
If you write answers on an answer sheet that is not yours or if you correct the name and examination registration number by yourself without notifying the staff and then write in the answers, your examination will not be graded.

7. Copyright of Examination Questions

The examination questions of EJU are confidential information and the copyright of JASSO, and are protected by laws and regulations. You are prohibited to convey a part or all of the examination questions without permission to a third party in whatever form, such as disclosure (such as disclosing inappropriately obtained examination questions or providing flash reports on answers), revelation, dictation, transmission, etc. through web site or other means by copying, recording on video tape or audio tape, writing, memorizing (storing), etc. Violation of this rule may result in legal actions. Please be aware that you are also prohibited to memorize and replicate examination questions as well as to watch these contents or divulge them.