EJU Applications (outside of Japan)

EJU Applications (outside of Japan)

Q. How do I apply EJU?

A. Please refer to the following related page for EJU application procedures. The information here is frequently updated.

Q. I have a disability. Is it possible for me to take the EJU?

A. Yes, individuals with disability are also able to take the EJU. If you require special accommodations, be sure to contact the application offices outside Japan in advance. Information will be provided on the specific procedures to be followed.
As a general rule, you will need to prepare evidence proving the necessity of testing accommodations, such as a doctor’s diagnosis, to apply for such treatment. Also, if you want to use a hearing aid, auxiliary crutch, wheelchair, etc. which you are using in daily life, you will need to contact application offices outside Japan as well to obtain the instructions.
Please understand that if making such requests right before the examination date or depending on your request,it may be impossible to provide all aspects of the requested accommodations.

Q. What does “Country/Region” refer to?

A. This is a request for the examinee’s country or region of origin, or current nation of citizenship. Please feel free to select either category.

Q. Is it possible to apply to take the EJU both overseas and in Japan?

A. Yes, candidates may apply in two or more countries where the examination is offered. Please note, however, that no refunds will be made for any exams which are not taken.Regarding taking EJU in overseas, contact the overseas representatives by referring in follow web site.

Q. If failing to apply by the deadline, can applications be accepted after the deadline expires?

A. No applications will be accepted after the deadline. Please apply for the next session of the EJU.

Q. Can I cancel the application?

A. Once examination fees have been paid, no application cancellations or refunds are possible. There is no need to inform the test site, if you don’t take the exam on the originally scheduled date.

Q. How should I select Biology, Chemistry and Physics subjects in the Science test?

A. When applying, you should register for the “Science” test only.The Science answer sheet will contain columns for selection of the Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects.On the day of the exam,mark the two subjects that you want to take on the answer sheet, circling the names of the chosen subjects. If you don’t mark these subjects correctly,your answers will not be graded.In addition, if only one Science test subject is selected, your answer for science will not be graded.

Q. How can I choose between the Mathematics Course 1 and Course 2 tests?

A. When applying, you should register for the “Mathematics” test only.The Mathematics answer sheet contains columns for selection of both courses.On the day of the exam, mark the course to be taken on the answer sheet, circling the name of the chosen course.If you do not blacken the selected course, your answers will not be graded.