EJU Application Method

Applications for EJU Administered in Japan

Please read "2022 EJU Bulletin" carefully, and complete the application for the EJU on the website ("EJU Online") within the following application periods.

< Application Period for the 2022 EJU>
1st Session (June): From February 14 (Monday) until 5:00 p.m. March 11 (Friday), 2022
2nd Session (November): From July 4 (Monday) until 5:00 p.m. July 29 (Friday), 2022

  • *"EJU Online" is a website designated for online use of various services related to the examination (applications, examination fee payments, examination voucher revisions, score confirmations, examination voucher reissues, etc.).

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Application Method

The following three application methods are available.

  • *Applicants belonging to schools, etc. are requested to confirm your application methods with the schools, etc.
  • *When you make an application, please use a photograph data of your face with no cap/hat, no background, and front-faced upper body.
    Please also be aware that the photo has been shot within 6 months before your application.
  • *Confirm the usage guide and other details of EJU Online on the [EJU Online] Application/Score Confirmation Page.

Payment Method of Examination Fee

When applying for the examination, applicants can select a payment method from the followings.

  • Credit card
  • Convenience srore transaction
  • Bank transfer (ATM or Internet banking)
  • *Regarding the payment method, we would recommend you to select the credit card payment so that you can promptly receive our emergency responses like refund of an examination fee.

Mailing of Examination Voucher

Regardless of which application method is taken, the examination vouchers are sent to the applicants by registered mail. When choosing group applications, the vouchers are sent to the address that the group specified. Only the mailing address in Japan can be used as the address for the voucher.

Announcement of Exam Result (Score)

From fiscal year 2021, online application became the only application method. Then all applicants are able to confirm their score online and can print the Score Confirmation Report. Consequently sending the Score Report by mail was abolished. The description of “Score Report” might remain for a while during the transitional period, but the confirmation method would be progressed as the above.

Confirmation of Score through EJU Online

Shown below are those who are qualified to confirm scores online.

  • *The scores that group coordinators can confirm online are limited to the scores of and after the EJU 2022 (1st session).

Applications for EJU Administered outside Japan

< Application Period for the 2022 EJU>
1st Session (June): From February 14 (Monday) until March 11 (Friday), 2022
2nd Session (November): From July 4 (Monday) until July 29 (Friday), 2022

Application forms for EJU administered outside Japan can be obtained from the overseas representatives in each site city. There are two methods for submitting the application, in person or by mail, and the method(s) used differ according to each site. (Online application is available in few sites.) For details, contact the overseas representatives by referring in this web site.

When submitting the application form contained in the examination bulletin, you will also need to provide three photos of your upper body that were taken within the preceding six months. You must be facing the camera without a hat, and the background must be solid. The photos must be four centimeters in height and three centimeters in width.

Applications from countries where not EJU is administered

Applications from countries where EJU is not administered can be accepted if the following conditions are satisfied.