Pre-arrival Admission

If the Japanese university (undergraduate level) etc. you wish to enter offers pre-arrival admission based on EJU scores, you can apply for admission and find out whether you have been accepted while remaining in your home nation/region. Below are the general procedures for this.

1. Obtain entrance exam information via the university's entrance exam bulletin, website, etc.

Search for the website of your selected university using an Internet search engine, and access the website's entrance exam information page to obtain information on entrance exam requirements for privately financed international students. Some university websites allow you to request printed information and other materials to be sent to you, so please be sure to take advantage of this service.

2. Find out eligibility and other EJU-related requirements

Referring to the information obtained, please first look up the eligibility requirements for taking the EJU for admission to the university. If qualified, next find out the university's requirements on subjects, examination language, and exam sessions.
For example, a university might have such requirements as:

Applicant must take the following EJU subjects:
Japanese as a Foreign Language, Japan & the World, and Mathematics (Course 1).
Japan & the World and Mathematics must be taken in Japanese.
Applicant must take the second session of the EJU in November.

3. Apply to take the EJU

When filling out the EJU application form, you will need to indicate the same specifications required by the university (using the example in step 2 above, specify Japanese as a Foreign Language, Japan & the World, and Mathematics, the examination language is Japanese, and the second session in November). If you forget to apply for the EJU or fail to correctly select the subjects specified by the university, you might lose eligibility for admission, so please make sure that you correctly apply for the EJU. Moreover, changes cannot be made to an EJU application once it has been submitted, so please carefully check your application before submitting it. Please refer to Date of Examination page to find out the dates of the application period.

An examination registration voucher will be issued to you after your application is received. This voucher is very important because you will need it to be admitted to the EJU test site and to apply for university admission, so please be sure not to lose it.

  • * Please note that the EJU application alone does not serve as a university admission application.

4. Apply to the university

After requesting an application form from the selected university, fill it out with the necessary information. Pay the application fee by the specified deadline, and send the application form to the university along with other required documents, such as a certificate attesting to your (expected) graduation from high school and a transcript of your grades.

5. Notification of acceptance

The university will review your application documents after receiving them. You can begin admission procedures if you receive notification that you have been accepted.

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