Reissuing of Examination Voucher

voucher for examinees in Japan

Examination Voucher (Sample)

Examinees who lost their examination voucher after taking the EJU and need to have a replacement issued (for submission in a university application or other such reason) can request one by following the procedure below.
Please note that the reissue of examination voucher will be limited to the nearest preceding four examinations (for 2 years) which have been already completed.

For examinees in Japan

We are pleased to announce that examination voucher reissues can be requested from EJU Online.

To do this, log in to MyPage and proceed to "Reissue Exam Voucher." Locate the relevant examination from among the most recent 4 exams already completed, then apply for the exam voucher that you wish to reissue.

*Voucher reissue requests can only be made for examinations applied through EJU Online.
* Examination vouchers cannot be reissued before the date of the exam. Please file your reissue requests after the relevant examination has been completed.
*Once the application is accepted, requests for refund of the reissuing of examination voucher fee will not be accepted regardless of any reason.

Individual applications: Persons making requests complete the reissue application procedures.
Group applications (Batch Registration format): The persons in charge of the group complete the reissue application procedures.
Group applications (Individual Application-Collective format): Both applicants themselves and the persons in charge of the group can complete the reissue application procedures.

It is requested that persons requiring examination voucher reissues who apply by mail (by the 2nd Session, 2020) contact the Japan Students Services Organization (JASSO).
E-mail: jasso_eju [@]

  • For e-mail transmissions, be sure to remove the brackets ([ ]) enclosing the “@” sign.