Concerning the Examination Day

Concerning the Examination Day

Q. There is the possibility that I will arrive late for my examination due to delays or suspension in public transportation services. (examination sites in Japan)

A. In such cases, please immediately contact the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) at 03-6407-7457.

Q. I overslept, and will not be able to arrive at the examination site by the starting time of the Japanese as a Foreign Language test (9:30 a.m. when taking the EJU at examination sites in Japan).

A. If you enter the examination room by 9:40 a.m., it will be possible to take your Japanese as a Foreign Language test. If you do not arrive by 9:40 a.m., that will not be possible. In such cases, however, you will still be able to take the afternoon test subjects (Japan and the World, Science and Mathematics).

Q. What if I have forgotten to bring my examination voucher?(examination sites in Japan)

A. Before your exam begins, report to the “Temporary Examination Voucher Counter” set up at the test site and present a valid personal identification (passport or residence card). Once you have been issued a “Temporary Examination Voucher,” you will be able to take the exam as scheduled.

Q. What type of personal identification should I bring with me? (examination sites in Japan)

A. Please bring your passport or residence card.

Q. Due to unexpected circumstances,what if I would prefer to not take the examination as scheduled?

A. There is no need to contact us if you cannot take the EJU as scheduled. However, no refunds will be made of your examination fees if not taking the exam for such reasons.

Q. Is it possible to borrow pencils or erasers on-site to take the examination?

A. Please remember that no writing implements can be provided at the examination sites. Therefore, be sure to bring an HB (hard black) pencil and eraser to your assigned site.

Q. May I use mechanical pencils to take the EJU?

A. No, mechanical pencils can not be used. Be sure to bring an HB (hard black) pencil to use in taking all exam tests.

Q. Is it allowed to write notes on question booklets?

A. Yes, you may write notes on your question booklets. However, be sure to write your answers on the proper answer sheets. Writing your answers only on question booklets will prevent your scores from being counted. Question booklets will be collected after the examination, and must not be taken home by examinees.

Q. Can I take question booklets and answer sheets home?

A. No, you can’t.Taking question booklets or answer sheets home with you after the exam (or attempting to do so) will be considered prohibited behavior. In such cases, your answers will not be graded.