Mailing of 2022 EJU Examination Voucher

For Examinees Taking EJU in Japan

1.Mailing date

On the date listed below, your examination voucher will be mailed by "Registered Mail" to the address you specified at the time of application. Please sign when you receive the mail. If you are out when the mail arrives, the mail carrier will leave a slip to inform you of the arrival of the mail. Please follow the instruction in the slip to receive the mail.

1st Session (June): May 20 (Friday), 2022 (tentative)
2nd Session (November): October 21 (Friday), 2022 (tentative)

*If you moved from the address you registered on the application, please submit "Tenkyo-Todoke (notification of move)" to the nearest Post Office. "Tenkyo-Todoke(notification of move)" request may be submitted at post office couters or through the website of Japan Post ("e-Tenkyo"). For details, please refer to this website (By Japan Post, Japanese version only).

*Please do not submit "Tenkyo-Todoke" to JASSO but to Post Office.
*Indicate your name on the mail box and place a nameplate (in the Roman alphabet) on the doorway, otherwise the mail carrier can not confirm you are actually living in.
*If you choose group applications, the examination vouchers for all applicants in the group are sent to the address the group specifies.

After you receive your voucher, please make sure that all the information are correct (your alphabetical name, sex, date of birth, nationality). If you have any question regarding the voucher itself or the examination venues please contact the Uketsuke-Center (Tel 0570-55-0585) and make it clear at least one week prior to the examination. Please be noticed that you can not change the examination site or the subjects you take.

2.What to Do If Voucher Does Not Arrive or Voucher Is Lost

In case examination voucher does not arrive even when 10 days have passed since the above mailing date, or you lost examination voucher in prior to the examination, please print out “Temporary Examination Voucher” from EJU Online MyPage (“Application Confirmation/Revision” page) and present that voucher to the “Temporary Examination Voucher Counter” established inside your assigned testing site on the day of the examination.
a. Cases of Examination Vouchers Returned
It will be possible to exchange the temporary examination voucher for examination vouchers that are returned.
b. Cases of Examination Vouchers not Returned or Lost
Staffers confirm your identification with passport or residence card, and then will give permission to use a temporary examination voucher to take the examination.
*Examinees forgetting their temporary examination voucher will be issued a temporary voucher at the testing site.
*Personal ID (residence card or passport) is required to receive either an examination voucher or temporary examination voucher.
*The maps of exam sites are shown on the page of "EJU Examinatin Sites" below.

3.What to do if voucher information is incorrect

Even If any of the information listed on your voucher, such as your alphabetical name, distinction of sex, date of birth, nationality is incorrect, take the exam with the mistaken voucher. Your request for the correction will be accepted after the examination date. Correction is unacceptable at the examination venue on the day.

<How to Apply for Voucher Revision>
Request any revisions from the EJU Online MyPage (Examination Voucher Revision page) website within the following time frameworks.
(From fiscal year 2022, a handling fee of \2,000 will be charged for such revisions.)
* Request by mail has been discontinued.
* Just updating the information on My Page will not receive the data of examination voucher nor score data.

[Application Period for Voucher Revision]
1st Session (June): From June 20 (Monday) to June 30 (Thursday), 2022
2nd Session (November): From November 14 (Monday) to November 24 (Thursday), 2022
* Please be aware that failure to make requests by the deadlines will result in any mistakes in your score information remaining uncorrected.

Examination voucher for Japan

Sample of Exam Voucher for exanimees in Japan

For Examinees Taking EJU outside Japan

1.Mailing date

Your test voucher may be directly issued to you at the time you apply, or may be mailed to you later. Contact the EJU overseas representative (the office to which you applied) to find out the manner in which the voucher will be issued to you.

2.What to do if voucher does not arrive

Contact the EJU overseas representative.

3.What to do if voucher information is incorrect

If any of the information listed on your voucher (name on the answer sheets) is incorrect, first take EJU without altering the voucher. After completing the examination, report the error to the examination proctor.

Please note that if you do not request corrections to be made, your score report will be issued with the incorrect information unaltered.

Examination voucher for outside Japan

Examination voucher for examination in Republic of Korea, India and Vietnam

for Republic of Korea, India and Vietnam