Examination Sites in Japan

Examination Sites in Japan

Q. My assigned examination site is located far away from my residence. May I request to change it?

A. No changes can be made in your examination site.
Examination sites are determined on the basis of consideration for the test subjects and examination language selection patterns of examinees, site capacity and other factors. There will be cases, therefore, when examinees are assigned to sites located some distance from there they live.

Q. How do I travel to my assigned examination site?

A. Use the following website to confirm the optimum access to all EJU examination sites. Please also be aware that changes may be made in specific examination sites. This website provides the latest updates on those sites, special bus service and other related information. Please check it regularly.

Q. Is it possible to travel to examination sites by car or bicycle?

A. No. Examinees are not allowed to come to the examination sites by car or bicycle. Please use public transportation. It is not possible to use car or bicycle parking lots at the examination sites or at stores or other businesses located near the sites. Please follow this rule. If complaints are received about use of such parking lots, there is the possibility that the site could no longer be used in the future. This would be a major inconvenience for other examinees.

Q. May examinees be accompanied by other individuals when coming to the examination site?

A. No persons other than examinees are allowed to enter the examination sites. No waiting rooms are available for accompanying attendants or children. Examinees are also requested to not enter empty classrooms or other rooms at their site without authorization unless requests have been approved in advance due to disabilities or other valid reasons.

Q. Are there clocks in the examination rooms?

A. No. Because clocks are not provided in our examination rooms, please bring a wristwatch for which the alarm will not ring. Be careful about this, because if such a watch alarm rings it will be considered prohibited behavior.

Q. I left something behind at the examination site. What can I do?

A. Please direct inquiries about lost items to the EJU Uketsuke-Center (0570-55-0585).